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The island of Gran Canaria has several Hafen from which you can choose the vacation experience that most appeals to you.

These adventures include boat trips, deep sea fishing, scuba diving, para-sailing, zip lines, hiking, shopping, and museums.

Or, you can recover from any one of these more energetic excursions by just lazing on a beautiful beach and soaking up the sun.

If you are planning to visit Gran Canaria

, you will need some guidance as to the best place to stay for your personal adventure.

The largest harbor is Las Palmas (from which we have no boat tours) with other Hafen located along the island’s coastline - Anfi del Mar, Arguineguín, Pasito Blanco, Puerto Base, Puerto Escala, Puerto de Mogán and Taurito.

To help you choose your ideal boat trip, each harbour is described below.

Pasito Blanco

The harbour Marina Pasito Blanco is situated at only 2000 meters from the main touristic center of Gran Canaria.
This port is located in one of the most privileged area of the island where the weather is optimal all year round which makes it one of the best Hafen of the canary islands.
The Marina Pasito Blanco has 388 mooring places for boats with a length starting at .....

Read all about the Pasito Blanco harbour.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Base and Puerto Escala are two Hafen situated on either side of the beach in Puerto Rico, a popular family resort.
Because buildings climb the steep sides of a valley, your accommodation is sure to include a stunning vista overlooking the ocean.
Stroll along the promenade and relax with a refreshing drink or a bite to eat at your choice of bar, restaurant or café.
You can.....

Read all about the Puerto Base or Puerto Escala Hafen bei Puerto Rico Gran Canaria.


If you prefer a more low-key place, a short walk from Anfi del Mar will bring you to the pictures of a fishing village of Arguineguín (pronounced Arginnagin, with the emphasis on the last syllable).

Just because the community here is a little more laid back than in other places, doesn’t mean that you will be at a loss for things to do.

Among other available activities.....

Read all about the Arguineguin harbour.

Anfi del Mar

Anfi del Mar is the site of a luxurious, all-inclusive resort where you can book (or time share) a spacious apartment with floor-to-ceiling windows and kitchens. Every modern comfort is provided, including Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, DVD players, and room service.

Best of all, you are minutes away from Anfi del Mar’s beautiful white sand beach.

It’s a great holiday paradise.....

Read all about the Anfi del Mar harbour in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria.

Puerto de Mogán

Puerto de Mogán is a charming fishing village and holiday resort on the southwest coast of Gran Canaria.

It’s a vacation spot where you are sure to find a quality experience removed from the hustle and bustle of some other resorts.

It has been given the nickname Little Venice because of its canals and bridges spanning its seawater inlet.

Its Mediterranean aur.....

Read all about the Puerto de Mogán harbour in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria.

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